The 'World's Best Pet Soap' is Proud to Present...

Kozmo, our mascot.

Kozmo is a Proud Fox Red Labrador Retreiver. We got him from East Coast Kennels in New Jersey. He has truly changed our lives and he is an awesome friend. He was born on July 31st, 2005 and he is AKC registered.

He has inspired us to create this Pet Soap / Shampoo. He is also the inspiration for our other website called At ShopKoz you can find really cool products (for people) such as; Infuser Water Bottles, The Better Lunch Box, The Laptopper and much more. Check it out and be sure to join the mailing list to be notified of special offers and coupons.

Below are some pictures of Kozmo. He takes a good picture.  Submit your pet's photo here.

 As a Pup As a Pup (black & white) In the Tub
 Koz's Getting Older  He's Handsome Though  Meet Lucas
 Sasha Lucy Zeplin


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